We have a wide range of services for you.

Blow by Blow are specialists in old film and video formats and have expertise in coaxing the best from old reels and tapes.

Material from families and companies is collected personally where possible, so no precious films are risked in dispatch. Sometimes family archives are passed along a network of relatives so we can collect from the nearest.

We can tackle most flavours of 8mm, rare 9.5 mm, and 16mm - and the sound tracks that sometimes come with them.

For 8mm and 16mm, frame by frame video scanning has been introduced to gain a more even image from the entire surface of the film. We can now scan film to 4K format to get the very best reproduction before re-working to DVD and/or USB stick and/or hard drive.

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We can add appropriate sound or music where required.

In video, we can tackle VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS, Super 8mm, Hi 8, Betamax, Lo Band, Hi Band U-matic, mini-DV, DVCAM, Betacam and Betacam SP.

If you have material on another format, call nevertheless because we may find a solution within our group of associates or from fellow members of the Institute of Videography. (We adhere to IOV technical standards and disciplines).

For a quote, please estimate duration of material, and contact us or invite us to assess.

For our retail nostalgia DVDs and streamed documentaries, we digitise and study old material before researching and script writing, narrating and editing to produce programmes that inform and entertain modern audiences.