Bygone Lincoln Volume 4 DVD
A look at Lincoln's past

Producer, Narrator, and Cameraman Andrew Blow met WW2 radar veterans at their first ever reunion in Coventry in 1992. When they met in Lincoln at their last national reunion he decided to accompany them with his camera to RAF Digby Museum.

“I had never heard of the Museum and had no idea what to expect. We found an absolute gem - oozing with World War II history, based in the actual Ops room for the L for Lima section which scrambled fighters to protect the Midlands against enemy bombers.

“The old telephone and typewriters are still there - it's as if it was all happening yesterday. Many thanks to Dave Harrigan, an RAF Warrant Officer at the time, and now at Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire. Please note that the Museum is on a serving RAF base and only open at certain times.”

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The film nearly didn’t get made. Owing to a misunderstanding, there was no one at the guardroom to meet the veterans. Then the off-duty Dave Harrigan drove by on his way to Lincoln. (He took the road past the camp because a circus was travelling slowly on the main road!) Dave saw the veterans milling around, added two and two together, and stopped - and the rest is on video.

Other items on the 90-minute DVD 4. A Drive Through The Stonebow (1960) - James Cheves of Nettleham liked to rig his cine camera to film through his windscreen. Woodheads of Lincoln (1955) - Ron Blow’s workplace Woodheads were well-known local electrical dealers

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This film shows their electrical goods and activities, including their workforce, their launderettes, and their main store in Exchange Arcade. Lincoln Water Centenary –1911 to 2011 contains 1950s and 60s film of the former steam-driven water station at Elkesley and shows how Lincoln celebrated 100 years of safe water.

Nettleham People and Places – 1960s and 70s. Filmed by villager Jim Brown who worked on the housing services team of the then Welton Rural District Council. We see the annual Pram Race, Nettleham parish church on fire in 1969, two village carnivals, and footage of interest to health and safety experts when one of Mr Brown's colleagues climbs up to clear a council house chimney ....